Audio Repair

tapeYou’ve recorded your podcast only to find the sound is ruined….someone bumped a cable…the recorder was having a bad day…the house engineer in your live venue was drunk…your recorded outdoors on a cellphone…and your podcast gold sounds like it was recorded in a sewer pipe during a killer bee attack. You don’t want to lose the show but it sounds too terrible to ever subject a human being to….

With over 15 years of hands on experience repairing audio for Film, TV, Podcast and Music projects using the latest forensic restoration technology, Creaky Studios can resuscitate even the most damaged audio.

Problems we can repair include:

  • Loud Background Noise
  • Overloading/High Volume Levels
  • Low volume levels
  • Differing volume levels between people on mic
  • Poor quality/malfunctioning recording equipment and microphones

So before you write off that show, try us out!

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