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What’s that?

Whether you own a top of the range podcast studio, or are recording in your kitchen on a laptop, sound mastering is the last step in your podcast’s journey to your listener’s ears.

Volume levels are balanced so that listeners aren’t reaching for their volume controls. Quiet parts of the conversation are made louder and easier to hear, loud parts are lowered so as not to blow out people’s ear drums, differences in microphone levels between hosts are corrected, background noise is removed and the sound is fine tuned to achieve a professional broadcast quality result.

Why Creaky?

With over 15 years of industry experience, we have provided ongoing mastering services for some of the biggest names in podcasting as well as TV,Film and Music projects. However we believe in providing our services at prices that are attainable by even the smallest podcast start ups.

If you want to give your show the best chance to get noticed in the competitive world of podcasting, if you’re serious about delivering the best product to your listeners, contact Creaky Studios now and start giving your podcast a professional finish. We provide flat rate/adhoc mastering services as well as multi-episodic monthly contracts, so regardless of whether you produce 20 episodes a month or just record once in a while,  it’s easy to get affordable professional mastering services for your podcast.

Mastering Services

We offer a number of service options depending on the size and budget of your show:

PodMaster Starter$24.99  All the essentials you need for a great sounding podcast …more

PodMaster Professional - $34.99 Priority processing with our advanced mastering process, Industry quality results for only $34.99 …more

PodMaster Complete - $44.99 Complete podcast solution including priority service, advanced processing, encoding and publication. Own your own sound department for only $44.99!  …more

Getting Started with Creaky

It’s quick and easy to start getting your podcasts mastered. If you already know what PodMaster service you need,visit our:
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If you wish to inquire about monthly contract rates for regular shows, or need assistance in picking the right service for your podcast, please contact us using our
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