Creaky’s Clients and Testimonials


“This is the guy you want on your side….Skywalker Quality” - Kevin Smith, Smodcast Internet Radio

“Our podcasts have never sounded better.  More importantly, Creaky Studios are fast and responsive.  I get more from them than I do from my co-hosts who sit across the table from me.  In the podcast world, reliability and consistency are as important as content.  Creaky Studios delivers.” – Marty Yu, Nooner/The Smodco Smorning Show

“Step aside Jesus, I have a NEW savior and it’s Creaky Studios. When it comes to your podcast’s sound, you want Declan on the job. He shalt save all pods before him”Bryan ‘Beard Guy’ Johnson, Creator & Host of Tell Em’ Steve Dave, Star of AMC’s Comic Book Men

“Declan Quinn saved the sound on many lines in the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie! He saved me a TON of work. He should have his own parade and be worshiped in the streets of his hometown in my opinion.”Steve Stark, Director- Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

“There’s no better feeling knowing that Declan is working on a podcast of mine…he’s simply the best. If its a Creaky studios mixed podcast you know it’s of the highest quality…I trust no other to work on my podcasts. Declan is a podcast doctor. There’s no better sound guy for you to consider. Case closed.”Walt Flanagan, Tell Em Steve Dave

“I have two podcasts that seem to be doing pretty well. First is “Tell Em’ Steve-Dave” which has won several awards including being named one of the top 25 podcasts of 2010 by iTunes and a 2012 Stitcher Award for Best Entertainment Podcast. Second is “The Tenderloins Podcast” which is hosted by my fellow Impractical Jokers cast mates and has helped launch our sold-out national live tour.

I could do neither of these podcasts without the help of Declan. Aside from the fact that he works super quick and seems to never sleep, Declan just cares about getting quality podcasts out to the public. It’s never taken him more than a moment or two to answer my emails, and he is always finding new ways to make my podcasting life easier.

Plus he’s got a sweet last name.

I would never consider making a podcast without Declan’s help and, honestly, neither should you.”Brian Quinn, The Tenderloins Podcast, Tell Em Steve Dave

“I definitely recommend using Declan to process your podcast audio.  He has done it for my pod for a long time now, and it always sounds great.  I even had to do a couple episodes just recorded on my iPhone, from a noisy RV, and Declan somehow made them sound killer.  Plus, he is so easy to work with.  He never leaves you hanging, and really cares about the project.” - Ben Gleib, Last Week On Earth


The Smodco Internet Radio Network
Production, Mastering & Audio Repair
Shows Include:
Tell Em Steve Dave – Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Brian Quinn
Smodcast – Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier
Fat Man on Batman – Kevin Smith
Hollywood Babble On – Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman
I Sell Comics – Ming Chen & Mike Zapcic
The Smodco Smorning Show – Dan Etheridge & Marty Yu/Ming Chen & Mike Zapcic
Having Sex, with Katie Morgan
Get Up On This – Jensen Carp
Last Week on Earth with Ben Glieb
Walking From The American Dream with Kelly Carlin
F.E.A.B. – Scott Mosier & Matt Mira
Space Monkeys – Bryan Johnson & Brian Quinn
The Secret Stash – Kevin Smith, Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen

What Say You? Podcast – Brian Quinn & Sal Vulcano
Production, Mastering & Audio Repair

WTF Podcast – Marc Maron
Mastering & Audio Repair

The Tenderlons Podcast – Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano, James Murray, Joe Gatto
Production, Mastering & Audio Repair


Talkin Walkin Podcast with Kevin Pollak
Mastering & Audio Repair

Other Projects:
Short: Night of the Livid Walt – Rob Ethingham 2011
Short: For the record Mallrats was good – Rob Etchingham 2012
Short: TESD: The Goat Man – Rob Etchingham 2012
Short: Why, Bry Episodes 14+ – Smodco Internet Television
Film: TESD Out of Context – Myles Langois 2013
Film: TESD Puppet Theater – Thorne Winter 2013
Film: Jay & Silent Bobs Super Groovy Cartoon Movie – Smodco Pictures/Steve Stark 2013
Short: AIDSQuito Trailer – Declan Quinn 2013
Audiobook: Tell ‘Em Steve Dave Faire-re-re Tale Theater – Makin Hay Books 2013