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Welcome to the Help and Information Section!

Were still finishing our first batch of guides but check back soon for new help sections and the first of our published guides.

Coming out soon:

(Beginner) How to podcast on no budget: We cover tips, tricks and free services for getting the best sounding podcast with the tools you already have, and the best ways to distribute and promote your podcast for free!

(Beginner) Time to Record: We show you how to set up your home recording studio to get the best recording quality and take you step by step on setting up and dialing in your audio hardware, pre-recording checklists and much more

(Beginner/Intermediate) Choosing the right equipment: We cover the different types of recorders, microphones and mixers and cover which set up is best for your budget.

(Intermediate) Dynamic Range, and how to manage it: In this guide we cover one of the most important and overlooked aspects to recording. Are you losing your mind adjusting your gain/mixing desk only to find people still can’t hear what you are saying? Check out this comprehensive guide to managing the dynamic range of your recordings, your listeners will thank you!

(Intermediate) Ground loops, and why you don’t want them. So you invested your life savings in all new microphones & equipment for your podcast….but you still have noise on your track. Ever consider the electrical wiring in the room itself is acting like a giant antenna for interference?! We’ll show you know to find and prevent this often overlooked problem.

(Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Help!: We cover the most common problems encountered by podcasters and the best ways to address or avoid them. There will be a Q&A section where podcasters can submit their questions and get sound advice from a sound engineer!

There will be much more coming soon…. in the next few weeks we will cover the best microphones for different podcasting scenarios, recommendations for digital recorders and accessories and guides for how to publish your podcast. We want to build this site into the premier resource and support destination for podcasters big and small. Please bookmark us and check back regularly for updates!

Help you can help
The guides and support are provided by one self employed and very creaky sound engineer!, and running the help and information service means I’m not working on projects. Your donations are hugely appreciated towards giving me the resources to dedicate myself to education and support for the podcast community and hopefully grow the site to be the number one destination for information and assistance for podcasters. Thank you! -Creaky

Also don’t forget to submit your questions using the contact form, they will be used to shape upcoming guides and support :)