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“What do you want now, Creaky?”
I’m about to start on a big ass personal project…something I’ve thinking about for about 3 years, designed specifically for TESD listeners and the ant community. It’ll take a long time, involve a lot of people, but in the end we’ll have something truly awesome made entirely by ants, for ants! Having worked on big scale, long duration projects for TESD I’m positive we can get this together. 

“You sound like an X-Files villain…What the hell IS ‘the project’, man?”
I want to be able to SHOW what we’re planning rather than just describe bear with me on that one ;)  At the moment I’m still talking to some key people and getting graphics and information worked out…Trust me when I say it’s something every ant can participate in the creation of and enjoy the end result, and it’ll bring the anthill together like never before- online and in the real world. Once we have the details worked out and some previews made, we’ll kick the cat out of the bag.

“uh….huh….Go on…”
Producing TESD is a 7-day a week vocation, one that I LOVE… but I don’t make a lot from my day job, so to keep the lights on in the Creaky shack during the project, I’m gonna have to start shilling like a mofo. I’ll be putting a few prized possessions up for grabs… like my own red TESD Vinylcast, brand new boxed Sennheiser headphones and some other TESD-related surprises. (ok… it’s just some cheesecake that Gitem made 3 years ago). Details for getting those items will be coming up very soon.
With huge amounts of self-hate and humility I’m also asking anyone who can afford it to please support ol’ Creaky to help get the project off the ground

“This sounds like some kind of leprechaun based scam…but your blue eyes and red beard are so captivating… I’m in..”
You can support using the Donate button at the side on this page (or Paypal directly to TESD never asks us for anything and I hate doing so too…but it’s the only way I can get this off the ground. There’ll be perks for everyone involved, ranging from early access to the finished project, to exclusive TESD items from the Creaky Collection that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

We’ll probably be making a project page on Kickstarter or Patreon when we release the full details in a few weeks…but anyone who contributes in the meantime will be offered first dibs on the reward levels we’ll be putting up (up to the value you donate).

“I’m as poor as you, asshole. I think I’ll spend my money on other frivolous crap like food and rent”
Even if you can’t donate, there’s going to be a part for everyone who wants to be involved…and once it’s released it’ll hopefully become one of the best tools the ants have :) We’ll be opening for volunteers and posting more information in a few weeks time, until then please stay tuned on my twitter account (@dequinn) for updates, plus details for getting that sweet-ass red Vinyl!

“Too Long, Didn’t Read”
Gimme money gimme money gimme money gimme money.

“Fuck off, Creaky”
Fine, back to the showers with me. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Update- We got enough to get things off the ground, put together a roadmap and commissioned a concept artist…progress slowed at that point so we recently had a meeting of project leads to re-boot efforts on all fronts. We’ve decided the key to moving forward is involving more skilled people willing to volunteer their services, as this project is large in scope and ambition, and working more closely with TESD to that end. Stay tuned for an announcement soon